Yesterday's Weather for Cerrillos, NM

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Current Alerts for Cerrillos, NM: Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Watch

How much rain or snow did Cerrillos, NM get yesterday? The answer is below!

Yesterday's High was 75 °F

Yesterday's Low was 45 °F

Yesterday's Precipitation was 0.00 inches

Observations on May 20, 2018:
Time Temp Wind Conditions
12:53 AM MDT 57.0 °F 8.1 mph Clear
1:53 AM MDT 55.0 °F 6.9 mph Clear
2:53 AM MDT 53.1 °F 0.0 mph Clear
3:53 AM MDT 51.1 °F 3.5 mph Clear
4:53 AM MDT 46.9 °F 4.6 mph Clear
5:53 AM MDT 45.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
6:53 AM MDT 52.0 °F 6.9 mph Clear
7:53 AM MDT 57.9 °F 19.6 mph Clear
8:53 AM MDT 60.1 °F 23.0 mph Clear
9:53 AM MDT 62.1 °F 23.0 mph Clear
10:53 AM MDT 64.0 °F 21.9 mph Clear
11:53 AM MDT 66.0 °F 19.6 mph Clear
12:53 PM MDT 69.1 °F 18.4 mph Clear
1:53 PM MDT 71.1 °F 15.0 mph Clear
2:53 PM MDT 73.0 °F 12.7 mph Clear
3:53 PM MDT 75.0 °F 15.0 mph Clear
4:53 PM MDT 75.0 °F 13.8 mph Partly Cloudy
5:53 PM MDT 73.9 °F 10.4 mph Mostly Cloudy
6:53 PM MDT 73.0 °F 16.1 mph Partly Cloudy
7:53 PM MDT 71.1 °F 19.6 mph Partly Cloudy
8:53 PM MDT 66.0 °F 23.0 mph Partly Cloudy
9:53 PM MDT 64.0 °F 23.0 mph Partly Cloudy
10:53 PM MDT 63.0 °F 19.6 mph Scattered Clouds
11:53 PM MDT 61.0 °F 20.7 mph Clear
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