Yesterday's Weather for San Diego, CA

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How much rain or snow did San Diego, CA get yesterday? The answer is below!

Yesterday's High was 75 °F

Yesterday's Low was 51 °F

Yesterday's Precipitation was 0.00 inches

Observations on April 24, 2018:
Time Temp Wind Conditions
12:05 AM PDT 55.9 °F 0.0 mph Scattered Clouds
12:25 AM PDT 55.9 °F 0.0 mph Mostly Cloudy
12:55 AM PDT 54.0 °F 0.0 mph Overcast
1:30 AM PDT 54.0 °F 5.8 mph Scattered Clouds
1:55 AM PDT 53.1 °F 3.5 mph Clear
2:55 AM PDT 51.1 °F 0.0 mph Partly Cloudy
3:08 AM PDT 51.1 °F 0.0 mph Mostly Cloudy
3:42 AM PDT 51.1 °F 0.0 mph Overcast
3:55 AM PDT 53.1 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
4:32 AM PDT 55.9 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
4:55 AM PDT 57.0 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
5:08 AM PDT 57.9 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
5:18 AM PDT 57.9 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
5:55 AM PDT 57.9 °F 0.0 mph Unknown
6:55 AM PDT 57.9 °F 3.5 mph Fog
7:39 AM PDT 57.9 °F 0.0 mph Overcast
7:55 AM PDT 57.9 °F 3.5 mph Overcast
8:28 AM PDT 57.9 °F 0.0 mph Overcast
8:55 AM PDT 59.0 °F 3.5 mph Overcast
9:55 AM PDT 66.0 °F 4.6 mph Mostly Cloudy
10:04 AM PDT 64.9 °F 4.6 mph Partly Cloudy
10:55 AM PDT 71.1 °F 3.5 mph Clear
11:55 AM PDT 75.0 °F 11.5 mph Scattered Clouds
12:55 PM PDT 72.0 °F 10.4 mph Scattered Clouds
1:55 PM PDT 75.0 °F 8.1 mph Scattered Clouds
2:55 PM PDT 72.0 °F 5.8 mph Scattered Clouds
3:55 PM PDT 72.0 °F 9.2 mph Scattered Clouds
4:55 PM PDT 68.0 °F 8.1 mph Scattered Clouds
5:55 PM PDT 66.0 °F 5.8 mph Scattered Clouds
6:55 PM PDT 63.0 °F 4.6 mph Scattered Clouds
7:55 PM PDT 59.0 °F 4.6 mph Scattered Clouds
8:55 PM PDT 57.0 °F 3.5 mph Scattered Clouds
9:55 PM PDT 55.0 °F 5.8 mph Partly Cloudy
10:55 PM PDT 53.1 °F 0.0 mph Partly Cloudy
11:53 PM PDT 57.2 °F 0.0 mph Overcast
11:55 PM PDT 57.9 °F 3.5 mph Overcast
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Stratocumulus clouds are similar to altocumulus clouds in their fluffy appearance, but have a slightly darker shade due to their additional mass.

A good way to distinguish the two cloud types is to hold your hand out and measure the size of an individual cloud; if it is the size of your thumb it is generally an altocumulus cloud, if it is the size of your hand it is generally a stratocumulus cloud.

It is uncommon for stratocumulus clouds to produce precipitation, but if they do it is usually a light rain or snow.

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Fog is technically a type of stratus cloud, which lies along the ground and obscures visibility.

It is usually created when humidity in the air condenses into tiny water droplets. Because of this, some places are more prone to foggy weather, such as regions close to a body of water.

Fog is similar to mist; both are the appearance of water droplets suspended in the air, but fog is the term applied to the condition when visibility is less than 1 km.

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