Yesterday's Weather for Los Angeles, CA

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How much rain or snow did Los Angeles, CA get yesterday? The answer is below!

Yesterday's High was 88 °F

Yesterday's Low was 61 °F

Yesterday's Precipitation was 0.00 inches

Observations on September 25, 2017:
Time Temp Wind Conditions
12:47 AM PDT 69.1 °F 0.0 mph Clear
1:47 AM PDT 68.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
2:47 AM PDT 66.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
3:47 AM PDT 64.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
4:47 AM PDT 63.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
5:47 AM PDT 61.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
6:47 AM PDT 62.1 °F 0.0 mph Clear
7:47 AM PDT 66.9 °F 0.0 mph Clear
8:47 AM PDT 73.9 °F 0.0 mph Clear
9:47 AM PDT 79.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
10:47 AM PDT 84.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
11:47 AM PDT 87.1 °F 3.5 mph Clear
12:47 PM PDT 87.1 °F 4.6 mph Clear
1:47 PM PDT 86.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
2:47 PM PDT 84.0 °F 9.2 mph Clear
3:47 PM PDT 84.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
4:47 PM PDT 82.0 °F 6.9 mph Clear
5:47 PM PDT 82.0 °F N/A Clear
6:47 PM PDT 78.1 °F 3.5 mph Clear
8:47 PM PDT 73.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
9:47 PM PDT 72.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
10:47 PM PDT 70.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
11:47 PM PDT 70.0 °F 0.0 mph Clear
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Weather Topic: What is Sleet?

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Sleet is a form of precipitation in which small ice pellets are the primary components. These ice pellets are smaller and more translucent than hailstones, and harder than graupel. Sleet is caused by specific atmospheric conditions and therefore typically doesn't last for extended periods of time.

The condition which leads to sleet formation requires a warmer body of air to be wedged in between two sub-freezing bodies of air. When snow falls through a warmer layer of air it melts, and as it falls through the next sub-freezing body of air it freezes again, forming ice pellets known as sleet. In some cases, water droplets don't have time to freeze before reaching the surface and the result is freezing rain.

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Cirrus clouds are high-level clouds that occur above 20,000 feet and are composed mainly of ice crystals. They are thin and wispy in appearance.

What do they indicate?
They are often the first sign of an approaching storm.

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