Yesterday's Weather for Miami, FL

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How much rain or snow did Miami, FL get yesterday? The answer is below!

Yesterday's High was 89 °F

Yesterday's Low was 77 °F

Yesterday's Precipitation was 0.00 inches

Observations on June 18, 2018:
Time Temp Wind Conditions
12:53 AM EDT 80.1 °F 5.8 mph Mostly Cloudy
1:53 AM EDT 81.0 °F 4.6 mph Mostly Cloudy
2:53 AM EDT 80.1 °F 0.0 mph Mostly Cloudy
3:53 AM EDT 78.1 °F 0.0 mph Scattered Clouds
4:53 AM EDT 78.1 °F 0.0 mph Scattered Clouds
5:53 AM EDT 79.0 °F 0.0 mph Scattered Clouds
6:53 AM EDT 80.1 °F 0.0 mph Mostly Cloudy
7:53 AM EDT 81.0 °F 3.5 mph Mostly Cloudy
8:53 AM EDT 84.0 °F 5.8 mph Mostly Cloudy
9:53 AM EDT 84.9 °F 8.1 mph Mostly Cloudy
10:53 AM EDT 84.9 °F 6.9 mph Mostly Cloudy
11:53 AM EDT 88.0 °F 10.4 mph Mostly Cloudy
12:15 PM EDT 89.1 °F 9.2 mph Thunderstorm
12:53 PM EDT 87.1 °F 3.5 mph Thunderstorm
1:53 PM EDT 82.0 °F 9.2 mph Thunderstorm
2:41 PM EDT 80.1 °F 6.9 mph Mostly Cloudy
2:53 PM EDT 80.1 °F 3.5 mph Mostly Cloudy
3:04 PM EDT 81.0 °F 9.2 mph Mostly Cloudy
3:53 PM EDT 87.1 °F 3.5 mph Mostly Cloudy
4:53 PM EDT 88.0 °F 8.1 mph Scattered Clouds
5:53 PM EDT 86.0 °F 9.2 mph Scattered Clouds
6:53 PM EDT 84.0 °F 10.4 mph Scattered Clouds
7:53 PM EDT 82.9 °F 8.1 mph Scattered Clouds
8:53 PM EDT 82.0 °F 6.9 mph Scattered Clouds
9:53 PM EDT 82.0 °F 6.9 mph Partly Cloudy
10:53 PM EDT 82.0 °F 5.8 mph Partly Cloudy
11:53 PM EDT 81.0 °F 3.5 mph Partly Cloudy
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Weather Topic: What are Hole Punch Clouds?

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A hole punch cloud is an unusual occurrence when a disk-shaped hole appears in a cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, or altocumulus cloud.

When part of the cloud forms ice crystals, water droplets in the surrounding area of the cloud evaporate. The effect of this process produces a large elliptical gap in the cloud. The hole punch cloud formation is rare, but it is not specific to any geographic area.

Other names which have been used to describe this phenomena include fallstreak hole, skypunch, and cloud hole.

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Weather Topic: What are Shelf Clouds?

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A shelf cloud is similar to a wall cloud, but forms at the front of a storm cloud, instead of at the rear, where wall clouds form.

A shelf cloud is caused by a series of events set into motion by the advancing storm; first, cool air settles along the ground where precipitation has just fallen. As the cool air is brought in, the warmer air is displaced, and rises above it, because it is less dense. When the warmer air reaches the bottom of the storm cloud, it begins to cool again, and the resulting condensation is a visible shelf cloud.

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