Yesterday's Weather for New York City, NY

Recent Locations: New York City, NY  

How much rain or snow did New York City, NY get yesterday? The answer is below!

Yesterday's High was 51 °F

Yesterday's Low was 39 °F

Yesterday's Precipitation was 0.02 inches

Observations on November 12, 2018:
Time Temp Wind Conditions
12:56 AM EST 41.0 °F 3.5 mph Clear
1:56 AM EST 41.0 °F 5.8 mph Clear
2:56 AM EST 39.9 °F 4.6 mph Clear
3:56 AM EST 39.9 °F 4.6 mph Clear
4:56 AM EST 41.0 °F 3.5 mph Clear
5:56 AM EST 39.9 °F 4.6 mph Clear
6:56 AM EST 39.0 °F 5.8 mph Clear
7:56 AM EST 39.9 °F 6.9 mph Clear
8:56 AM EST 42.1 °F 5.8 mph Clear
9:56 AM EST 44.1 °F 4.6 mph Clear
10:56 AM EST 46.9 °F 3.5 mph Mostly Cloudy
11:56 AM EST 48.0 °F 4.6 mph Overcast
12:56 PM EST 48.9 °F 6.9 mph Partly Cloudy
1:56 PM EST 51.1 °F 4.6 mph Clear
2:56 PM EST 50.0 °F 4.6 mph Partly Cloudy
3:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
4:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
5:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 4.6 mph Clear
6:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 5.8 mph Clear
7:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 3.5 mph Clear
8:56 PM EST 48.9 °F 3.5 mph Overcast
9:56 PM EST 48.9 °F 5.8 mph Overcast
10:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 9.2 mph Light Rain
11:56 PM EST 48.0 °F 5.8 mph Light Rain
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Weather Topic: What is Snow?

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snow Next Topic: Cirrus Clouds

Snow is precipitation taking the form of ice crystals. Each ice crystal, or snowflake, has unique characteristics, but all of them grow in a hexagonal structure. Snowfall can last for sustained periods of time and result in significant buildup of snow on the ground.

On the earth's surface, snow starts out light and powdery, but as it begins to melt it tends to become more granular, producing small bits of ice which have the consistency of sand. After several cycles of melting and freezing, snow can become very dense and ice-like, commonly known as snow pack.

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Weather Topic: What are Cirrus Clouds?

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Cirrus clouds are high-level clouds that occur above 20,000 feet and are composed mainly of ice crystals. They are thin and wispy in appearance.

What do they indicate?
They are often the first sign of an approaching storm.

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